Local and perimeter security solutions

The massive use of mail, Web environments, remote access and communications, wireless links, etc. have opened a door to security problems, generating countless situations of risk and danger.

security solutions

What advantages of local and perimeter security?

Gain security and safeguard data in the face of any risk or catastrophe situation.

Have a centralized and monitored management to prevent situations of potential risk.

Manage user activity control, limit and control inappropriate usage patterns and audit all processes.

Filter content, limit as much as possible the action of any evil agent and safeguard the image of the company.

Viruses, malware (CryptoLocker Ransomware) and other external threats can end up with all our data and seriously damage our company, it is in your hands to solve it. More information

Our solutions in local and perimeter security

We offer corporate solutions for the prevention, detection and elimination of any harmful agent such as: virus, malware, etc... as well as solutions for filtering mail, content, etc...

We design preventive and corrective solutions to avoid any security problem in your computer system.

Intel security solutions (McAfee)

Mcfee security solutions

We provide all security solutions from the manufacturer Intel Security for the prevention, detection, and elimination of any harmful agent.


Sophos Solutions


Centralized security solutions to be able to have a safe environment free of viruses, malware and other malicious agents.


perimeter security solutions

security solutions

Hardware solutions (appliances) for content control, spam filtering, viruses, malware, access controls, perimeter security, etc.


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