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Technology gives us innumerable advantages and separates us from any physical data (paper), but makes us dependent on it. If the technological- computer system fails due to any: accident, breakdown, irregularity or attack, we can have very serious problems.

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Sooner or later, all companies end up having a problem, since they all have an innate, latent risk. Being unaware of this risk and not having a contingency plan can lead to a great economic, commercial and personal loss.

Origin of threats and risks

Threats and risks can come from any place, situation, equipment, program, person, etc... and end up damaging the company's most precious asset, its data . The objective is to minimize the risk and design a strategy to safeguard the data and its operations.

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Accident or breakdown

An accident or breakdown can paralyze or block the activity of a company, since they can damage vital equipment.

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external threat

External threats can completely nullify the company's operations by sequestering its information.

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wrong advice

The origin of the risk begins with poor advice, poor planning and an inadequate technological line.

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Human factor

The human factor is an increasingly common cause of information loss, accidentally or voluntarily it is an innate risk.

The risk can be controlled, but never disappear, for that reason it is so important to have a properly designed contingency plan, to minimize the risks when the threat affects us.

Have a contingency plan

The risk analysis allows us to identify, control or minimize all the variables that can generate some type of problem to our computer-technological system. Once identified, a contingency plan is generated to ensure the continuity of the company.

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Company profile. Activity, evolution and needs.

Technical audit the starting point. Technological line to follow.

Identification of risks, threats, irregularities, legality and other anomalies.

Development of contingency plan and technological line ( technical audit ).

Implementation and start-up of technological line and contingency plan.

Having a professional and effective contingency plan is the difference between continuing to operate and total disaster.

Being poorly advised, origin of the risk

The lack of knowledge of the technical reality of our computer and technological system is related to the bad advice received , this combination is the main cause of the risk and sooner or later it will end in some serious problem for the company such as: the loss of data, the paralysis of the activity, the degradation of its image, etc.

Free technical audit, the solution

Don't wait until you have a problem, as this can be irreversible and condition the viability of your company.

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Technological dangers are a reality and sooner or later all companies suffer from it, it is up to you to control and minimize these threats.

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