Free technical audit

The objective of this study is to detect all those problems that may pose a danger to the company , its safety, performance, efficiency, image, etc. This promotional service has no cost and does not imply any obligation for the client or company that requests it.

Free technical audit

Technology and its dangers

Statistically it is shown that about 40% of companies will suffer a serious problem with their computer system, which will affect all of their information ( loss of data ). The most worrying thing is that this 40% is not aware of the danger .

Unfortunately, evidence does not always appear before a disaster, but there are some signs that can alert us:

insurance technical service

Constant problems, low performance, unresolved incidents, etc...

Problems with mail, slowness, blockages, spam, viruses, etc...

The feeling that something is wrong or that problems are not resolved.

Not being completely sure that your remote communications are secure.

Ignore the backup policy used and its methodology.

It is a matter of time before the problem appears, since there is always an innate and latent risk, not knowing that risk and not having a contingency plan can lead to a catastrophe. Bad advice is the beginning of the problem.

technological reality

There is a whole series of problems that condition: the security, operations, performance and stability of a computer installation and that most of the time we are not aware of them.

In a high percentage, the cause of these problems is found in a lack of planning, management and administration of the computer system, which always leads us to disastrous situations (loss of data, errors, insecurity, etc...) more information.

Results obtained in the audited clients

Of the clients analyzed presented some type of problem…

Of the clients analyzed presented very serious problems…

Of audited clients solved their problems and gained efficiency

What can we offer you?

We offer a valuable study, free and without commitment , in which we will show the problems and shortcomings that your IT and technological installation may have regarding: security, performance, operations, organization, service, legality, technological evolution, etc.

A starting script that will allow you to know in depth each problem and how to solve

Free study of the computer system

You can request the free audit by making a simple call 93 498 0080 or through the following link:

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Remember, ignorance is the main cause of disasters, avoiding it is in your hands

We can offer you references of companies that have solved all your problems: security, performance, efficiency, organization, etc… more information

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