Data protection solutions

The data (information that is generated and used) is the greatest asset that a company has, so the total or partial loss of said information can cause great economic damage, stop its activity and deteriorate its image.

Backup. Data Protection

What advantages of a correct data protection solution?

Centralization, automation of all backup processes. Active physical security with various levels of redundancy.

The creation of intelligent systems, totally unattended and monitored in real time. Preventive policies (viruses and malware).

Have various levels of data protection (physical, replicated and remote), adapted to the LOPD with external backup media.

Containment policies and start-up in the event of serious disasters. Version control, information life cycle, etc.

An erroneous security policy (data) will sooner or later generate information loss due to: human errors, physical failures, viruses and malware , etc... which can very negatively affect the company and condition its viability. More information

Our data protection solutions

Data protection policies (backups and backups) for physical environments and virtualized environments. Fully automated, centralized, replicated and secure systems. Maximum security against disasters ( ransomware ) with off-line copy systems.

Active physical security systems, preventive data security and containment plans in case of possible disasters.

Backup and restore solutions

Veeam backup solutions

Fully automated and monitored solutions for data backup in physical and virtualized environments. The maximum security and tranquility.


Physical security solutions

Raid physical security

Storage devices for backup copies, with physical security (Raid), redundancy, replication and remote monitoring.


Data replication solutions

data replication

Solutions for the replication of data in accordance with the LOPD, maximum security and efficiency. Local, remote, cloud and hybrid replication.


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