service and technical assistance

We have an computer and technological equipment repair laboratory assistance services for the intervention, repair and resolution of incidents at the client's home.

Service and technical assistance
technical reports
approved laboratory
any incident
Companies and individuals

The maximum technical coverage

We carry out the repair and technical assistance of any computer and technological device , regardless of the brand, model and technology. We offer all the necessary technical support to resolve any type of problem or incident.

Any device, brand, model and technology

Repairs, extensions and updates

Remote and face-to-face assistance. Technical support

Incident reports for insurers

What can we offer you?


all repairs

We repair any computer device, any incident, all brands, models and technologies.

Assistance and technical support

We solve all kinds of breakdowns and incidents, we provide support in person or remotely to any device.

Security and warranty

We offer the highest professionalism and efficiency in the market. With us you will have the guarantee of a job well done.

Procedures and reports

We carry out all kinds of paperwork and procedures, as well as technical reports for insurance companies.

Free study of the computer system

Know what situation your computer system is in. Safety, legality, administration, efficiency, etc...

If you want more information about our services

Our knowledge, experience and specialization guarantee us. Professional services for SMEs.

I want more information

You can call us directly at 934980080 without any commitment.

Our certifications are your guarantee

Our certifications and collaborations with the main technological agents allow us to offer guaranteed and professional services and solutions.

IDS Certifications

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