Maintenance of computer systems

We carry out the maintenance of computer and technological equipment, installations and infrastructures, using preventive, predictive and proactive techniques and methods to reduce the possibility of problems and incidents to a minimum.

Computer systems maintenance
physical servers
virtualized systems
Storage and security
Communication & Networking
Cloud-Office 365

The certainty that everything works fine

The maintenance of the computer system is the activity that most directly affects: the efficiency, performance and security of the technological structure of a company, which conditions its: operation, profitability and image.

Bad technical management. Security issues

Bad service received. constant problems

Inadequate advice. Lack of effectiveness

wrong solutions. image degradation

Improper maintenance ends up degrading the safety, efficiency and profitability of a company

Full technology support. More than a maintenance

We ensure the proper functioning of your computer system, its security, efficiency, performance and we evolve it to make it a perfect tool for your business activity.


know your needs

Start script. We carry out a complete study of your company and your service needs.


Predictive and proactive techniques

We anticipate problems. Techniques and protocols aimed at preventing incidents and security failures.


We respond immediately

In less than an hour. If you have an incident we will respond immediately. If it is critical in less than 30 minutes.

all resources

Unlimited resources. You will have all possible technical resources (personnel and hours) without any limit.


constant supervision

Periodic supervision. We periodically check that there are no dangerous or risky situations.


Advice and evolution

We optimize your resources. We evolve your computer system and your company. Always with the best solutions.

We reduce your incidents by 90%

Reduction of computer breakdowns

We assure you that after carrying out the preliminary study (free technical audit) and applying the necessary adjustments, your incidents will be reduced by up to 90% , which will be reflected in the performance of your company.

Computer technical support, computer technical assistance and computer maintenance for all types of: equipment, facilities, infrastructure and business solutions.

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Our certifications are your guarantee

Our certifications and collaborations with the main technological agents allow us to offer guaranteed and professional services and solutions.

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