Networks and communications

Design, installation and assembly of computer networks, communication systems and technological environments. Update, migration and integration of: IP solutions, remote links, cloud services and security.

Computer networks and communication systems

The network environment and security

Improper design will limit its efficiency, performance, and security . The use of inappropriate technologies, poor management and administration, will seriously penalize the security and integrity of the company and put its data and operation at risk.

Design of networks and communication systems

Integration of systems and IP solutions.

Cloud work and collaboration solutions

Remote links, delegations, etc.

The use of the correct and well-managed technology is essential to have a secure and operational network environment

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Installation and network administration

Design, installation, configuration and maintenance of all types of computer networks and communication systems.

Corporate network systems

Remote links, interconnection of delegations, secure systems, etc. Terminal solutions.

Advanced technological solutions

Remote storage and backup solutions. Integration of IP solutions. Remote services and mobility.

wireless technologies

Installation and configuration of secure wireless networks. Interconnection of buildings, encrypted networks, etc.

Free study of the computer system

Know what situation your computer system is in. Safety, legality, administration, efficiency, etc...

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