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For companies whose core business is: web development, programming or software distribution , we offer collaboration solutions that will allow you to complement or increase the services provided to your clients and thus gain added value and loyalty.

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How can we collaborate?

Our collaborations are carried out at various levels , from specific collaboration in some technical or technological issue, collaboration in specific activities or services, or the total outsourcing of services and activities.

Technical and technological collaborations

Punctual or complementary collaborations

Support situations due to: high workloads, specific jobs, geographical limitations, technical limitations, lack of personnel, etc.
Outsourcing of technology services

Outsourcing of certain services or activities

Outsourcing of certain services (computer maintenance, technical support, technical service, installations, etc.) as well as certain solutions.
IT services outsourcing

Outsourcing of services or departments

The complete outsourcing of services and solutions not related to the main activity of the company, for operational or technical reasons.

In order to establish a professional collaboration, you must register first, without commitments or obligations. Collaborator registration

What benefits we provide?

Secure and professional access to all types of services and technological solutions, without the burden of a fixed structure, in the form of: personnel, knowledge and resources. Build customer loyalty and provide them with added value , which will ensure the business relationship.

insurance technical service

Increase your portfolio of services and achieve added value.

Build customer loyalty and avoid competition.

Expand your geographic coverage.

Outsource unprofitable or technically unfeasible services.

Create another line of business, a regular source of income.

Outsourcing will allow you to focus your efforts and investments on your main activity, without ruling out providing other services to your clients.

Through our collaboration you will obtain added value and avoid competition from third-party companies.

professional and secure collaboration

Our extensive experience in collaboration and outsourcing services, in various sectors and clients, together with our extensive knowledge, ensure a professional, safe and ethical collaboration relationship, adaptable to any service need.

Get added value to your services

Provide added value to your services and build customer loyalty, increase your productivity and efficiency.

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Our certifications are your guarantee

Our certifications and collaborations with the main technological agents allow us to offer guaranteed and professional services and solutions.

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