Technology, company and planning errors

There are currently countless services and solutions on the market that cover practically all the technological needs that a company may require.

This situation generates an indirect problem , deciding which services and technological solutions to use within such a variety. Not an easy task for most companies.

The problem

Technological evolution, the number of novelties that appear daily in the form of products and solutions, the bombardment of advertising, the false needs created, etc... They are such a number of variables that most companies are literally lost before this sea of ​​information and they don't know which way to go. A problem is identified

The Ideal Situation

The correct use of technological services and solutions improves the efficiency and performance of a company, increases its productivity, reduces its structural costs and improves its image.

Being poorly advised causes problems

The current reality is that many companies (SMEs with less than 100 workers) do not have resources (personnel or knowledge) that allow them to know and assess the current technological situation, they do not have correct external advice, or the advice they receive is totally inadequate.

If we add to all this an incorrect , obsolete or poorly defined organization and work methodology, we have two situations that combined generate countless problems for the company.

In this scenario (incorrect advice and poor organization), decision-making regarding technological investment is carried out in a totally uncertain, dangerous environment, which will create a whole series of planning errors , which will later become problems and critical situations for the business.

Errors caused by bad advice

Bad advice and bad organization in a technical and technological environment generate countless situations and erroneous decisions that always end up in operational problems for the company. The most common errors detected are the following:

Study of needs incorrect or not carried out

A correct profile of the company (organization, work methodology, needs, etc…) has not been created, nor of the actual service requirements and technological solutions.

Poorly planned or inadequate technological investment

If the real needs of a company in organization, service and technology are not well established, the technological investment made will always be wrong.

Non-existent or poorly defined technological line used

When there is no defined technological line, investments, extensions, changes, etc. they are carried out in an anarchic way, a need appears and it is covered in any way.

Technological services used unprofessionally

If the companies that have to advise and provide technical and technological support are not trained or do not meet the needs of the company, the problems increase.


In the same way that every company has tax advice, accounting labor, etc., technical and technological advice is increasingly important.

When erroneous approaches are produced due to bad advice or a bad work methodology, the company always suffers in the form of: constant problems, loss of efficiency, loss of security, deterioration of image, etc.

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