Problems caused by bad advice

In the previous article ( Technology, business and approach errors main errors caused by poor advice on technical and technological issues were detailed

It is clear that the wrong approaches coupled with an incorrect work methodology generate situations that lead to problems for the company.

Planning errors, future problems

When there is no perfect integration between: the work methodology of a company, the services and technical support received and the solutions used , an imbalance is created, which to a greater or lesser extent conditions the correct functioning of the company and can put it in situations maximum irrigation.

The following three concepts must be adapted to each other, until achieving a perfect integration and harmony that benefits the company and allows it to evolve at all times.

Work methodology

The organization, operations, efficiency and performance of a company depend on having a clear and defined work methodology , according to the nature of the company, its resources and a perfect use and integration of technology (technological services and solutions).

The integration of this point is very important to achieve a dynamic, efficient and competitive company.

Services and support

The technological services allow the company to function correctly from the beginning, studying and designing the technical needs , implementing all the necessary solutions preventive and proactive maintenance strategies If this part fails in any of its points, the company will notice it in trouble and more trouble.

The problem

If the company, the technology and its services are not perfectly integrated, any investment made will not produce any improvement. Problems and risk situations will appear.

Technological solutions

Technological solutions will allow us to cover all our business needs, so we will be able to gain in: efficiency, security, mobility, performance, etc. They will make the company constantly evolve and improve. All this is reversed if the solutions are inadequate and the company loses competitiveness and image .

Problems caused by bad advice

Bad technical and technological advice generates countless planning errors that always lead to technical and operational problems for the company.

This circumstance generates serious problems of: competitiveness, efficiency, deterioration of image and economic loss in the company, situations that are sometimes difficult to reverse. The most common problems are:

Constant problems, lack of performance. Incidents

The lack of a clear and defined technical script generates unstable, poorly operational environments, lacking integration that are a source of problems and constant incidents.

Low efficiency at work and results.

The use of incorrect technological solutions, poorly adapted to the needs of the company, make it ineffective, insecure and with low performance.

Reduced competitiveness and image of the company.

When the initial studies and approaches have been carried out poorly, nothing works and the company notices this in lack of competitiveness and loss of image.

Increased support and technical assistance costs.

When technology integration isn't right and service policies aren't right, it increases support costs and inefficiencies.


Currently all companies have a high dependence on technology and this determines what the company is, its image, efficiency, competitiveness and finally results.

The lack of integration between the company, its methods, its assistance services and its technological solutions ends up degrading everything that the company is.

The need for a “ director ” who correctly coordinates and integrates all the variables is essential for the company to be able to evolve and not remain stagnant.


A bad technical and technological advice ends with all the expectations of a company, it is only a matter of time.....

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