Solutions in virtualization of systems and servers

Virtualization is the technology that allows us to run several instances (virtual machines) simultaneously on the same machine (physical server). Each virtual machine will behave as if it were an isolated and independent physical machine.

server virtualization

What advantages does virtualization bring?

  This technology allows us to bring together all our independent servers on the same physical machine (host).

  We will obtain a general reduction of costs, incidents and maintenance tasks. Reduction of physical servers.

  Reduction of electrical consumption, improvements in security, greater efficiency and flexibility in the face of changes and new projects.

  Virtualization of storage, networks, etc., as well as integration with cloud solutions.

Our virtualization solutions

We offer all kinds of virtualization solutions : servers, clients, storage, networks, hyperconverged infrastructures, cloud solutions, etc. from the main virtualization platforms ( VMware and Microsoft ).

We also carry out the maintenance , expansion, improvement and migration of any virtualized environment.

VMware Solutions

VMware Virtualization

Virtualization solutions for servers, storage, networks and infrastructures, in local, hybrid or cloud systems.


Microsoft Solutions

Microsoft Virtualization

Virtualization solutions in local environments or under the Azure platform (services on demand). Integration with other services and solutions.


Installations and Migrations

Installation virtualized environments

Migration from physical to virtual environments, migration between virtualization platforms, integration with cloud solutions.


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