Technological renting

Technological renting is a modality of renting goods and services, in which, through a contract, the lessee agrees to pay a fixed monthly or quarterly rent for a certain period, for the use and enjoyment of the goods.

Technological renting

In a leasing contract we can include, in addition to the technological assets (hardware), all the services linked to a computer-technological installation: software, programs, installation, configuration, insurance and maintenance.

What advantages does renting bring?

Leasing advantages
  • Financing for any technological investment in the form of goods and services.

    Updated technology without the need to make large financial outlays.

    It gives us the opportunity to always have the latest technology at the same cost.

    Flexible financing system that can be adapted to the needs of each company.

  • The rent does not vary throughout the contractual period.

    A single monthly or quarterly fee fully deductible as an expense.

    Each invoice is considered as a rental expense.

    It allows you to control spending on technological investment.

  • The rental income is a 100% tax deductible expense.

    Input VAT can also be deducted.

    It does not require accounting amortization, it is a 100% deductible expense.

Management and processing of a lease

The management of a technological renting is quick and simple, once we have established the goods to be financed or rented (hardware and software), the necessary complementary services (insurance, maintenance, etc...) only with the fiscal data of the company, in 48 hours maximum we will have the answer.

Leasing information without commitment

If you prefer, you can call us at 934980080 and get information without obligation so that they can study and review your needs.

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