Computer and technological services for the company

We offer you all kinds of services linked to new technologies, so that all your technical and service needs are covered in the most effective and professional way.

Full technology support

technical audit

Advisory and consultancy services intended to serve as a reference in the complex technological world. We will be the support and mediator between your company and any technological need.

Full technology support

Our main services

technical audit

Technical audits, the means to know the real situation of your computer system.

Technological audit and consultancy
Computer systems engineering

Design, installation and administration of computer and technological systems

Systems engineer
 Installation and assembly of networks

Design, installation and assembly of computer networks and technological systems

Communication & Networking

Maintenance of computer systems

Maintenance of computer and technological equipment, facilities and infrastructures

Maintenance of computer systems
 Equipment sale

Distribution and sale of computer equipment, software, peripherals and accessories

software and equipment
Repair of computer and electronic equipment

Repair and technical assistance of computer and technological equipment

Service and technical assistance

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Our knowledge, experience and specialization guarantee us. Professional services for SMEs.

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Our certifications are your guarantee

Our certifications and collaborations with the main technological agents allow us to offer guaranteed and professional services and solutions.

IDS Certifications

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